Stuart Fitzpatrick

Stuart Fitzpatrick is a Certified Practising Accountant and Certified Financial Planner. He has worked in the business banking, corporate finance and internal audit divisions of a major Australian bank and lectured on banking and finance. Stuart has held accounting roles in both privately and publicly owned businesses and is a specialist advisor in self-managed superannuation. Stuart and his wife Heather own a public accounting and financial advisory business—Excel Financial Advisors, specialising in educating and helping clients with wealth creation and retirement planning.

They operate their business from an office they’ve built on their small farm in the beautiful Port Stephens area on the midnorth coast of NSW, Australia. Stuart and Heather have two adult children and two granddaughters.

They’re passionate about helping people improve their financial literacy so they can take the necessary actions to create and protect wealth, which will allow them the ability to make choices and to build a better future for themselves and their families. They know that understanding your finances is one of the essential life skills in modern society, but this critical skill isn’t adequately addressed through our formal education system. Poor knowledge of financial matters and poor financial management are often major contributing factors in domestic violence, relationship breakdowns and suicides, and the reason many people retire on only very modest incomes. Their mission is to help educate people to make better financial decisions.