Susan Dean

Susan Dean is a life and business coach, workshop and training facilitator, publisher and entrepreneur. Susan Dean believes she was destined to help people flourish and prosper in all areas of their lives.  Commencing her career as a youth officer and progressing into her own coaching business, she became the first female Mars Venus Coach in Australia back in 2003.   John Gray and his teachings around gender differences was instrumental in helping Susan achieve so much in her own life and business.  A Master practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy ®, Susan has completed trainings with many masters including Anthony Robbins, John Gray and other extraordinary mentors.  She has conducted many Mars Venus Workshops including 1 and 2 day relationship workshops. Susan has witnessed the transformative power of coaching and is an advocate for educating others on gender intelligence.

Susan also pioneers the power of storytelling, she encourages people all over the world to share forward their life teachings, insights and wisdom in order to help others make a shift in their lives.  This storytelling movement called “Yshift” (Your Share-it-forward Teachings) was founded and created by Susan with the altruistic intention to benefit humanity with powerful and life-affirming messages.

Susan has been married for over 28 years with her childhood sweetheart Michael; they have two beautiful young adult children Chloe & Monique who are also living their life to the full.