Susie Raso

Susie Raso is an NLP and dental practice performance coach, who practices NLP, timeline therapy, and hypnosis. She has over 25 years’ experience working in the dental industry, helping dental practitioners live the dream of owning their own successful practices.

As a child, Susie loved going to the Dentist. The staff were always so lovely and made her feel at ease. From a young age, she knew she wanted to help others, and becoming a dental nurse was the perfect way to do just that.

Susie is self-motivated and loves getting results, whether she’s helping a client through their anxiety or assisting a team member upskill and dare to be the best they can.

During her time in the dental industry, she noticed a huge unmet need among highly qualified Dentists, who tended to build their businesses around their own abilities to produce results. Inspired by the entrepreneurial practice owners she worked with, Susie recognised that most small business owners struggled to envision their businesses as separate from themselves. Combining her knowledge as a qualified trainer educator and NLP practitioner with her extensive dental experience and qualifications, she set out to help practice owners train, delegate, and build resilient teams so they could achieve the freedom they were looking for.

In her time getting to know and support practice owners throughout Australia, she has learned that while you and your practice are unique, for owners wanting to grow a practice, the challenges and frustrations aren’t.

Outside of her professional life, Susie loves a good, challenging game of netball, lifting weights, travelling, reading, and spending quality time with her family.