Tammy Carmichael

Tammy Carmichael has a passion for wealth creation through property investing. Armed with sheer tenacity and conscious spending habits, Tammy purchased her first home at 22, this triggered a passion to widen her knowledge and continue to grow a personal property portfolio, investing in Brisbane and abroad. Tammy knows that analytical budgeting combined with a savings plan, can help anyone build or buy their home and live the ‘Great Australian Dream’. Tammy specialises in helping people gain full control of their finances and move towards a financially-stable retirement, or simply own their own home sooner. Her honest, no-nonsense, hardworking and down-to-earth approach is a breath of fresh air. Tammy helps people from all walks-of- life achieve financial independence; from teens to seniors. As Tammy has personally shown, there’s really no age bracket to success.

Tammy is a registered real estate agent in Queensland and comes with over 5 years experience in insolvency, giving her a firm grasp of budgeting and debt collection. Working within the insolvency industry, Tammy saw firsthand that simple budgeting can be people’s greatest weakness. This has moulded her greatest strength: making the most out of every dollar and also inspired her latest initiative The Budget Detox Manual. This is a powerful and inspiring initiative founded and developed by Tammy. It’s designed to help people gain a strong focus on strategic budgeting and educate them in saving for and buying their own home. The perfect platform to help others leap toward true financial freedom.

Tammy’s quest to become financially independent ignited when a traumatic brush-with- death saw her hospitalised and confronted with her own mortality. Yet Tammy’s misfortune led to her luckiest discovery, the chance to think bigger, better and bolder. Against medical odds Tammy survived, though according to doctors, she should not be here today. Turning tragedy into triumph has become Tammy’s greatest strength. She now encourages others to look past the tragedies in life, overcome obstacles and surge forward to create something bigger: turn your dreams into a reality.