Tania Catanzariti

Tania Catanzariti is a self-made property investor/ developer, entrepreneur, loving wife, and mother of four beautiful girls. Tania’s property investing career began like many do: learning the hard way. Determined to turn things around, Tania invested in herself first, she up-skilled at a rapid rate by educating herself extensively on property and real-estate and attending good seminars and learning from mentors.

She completed many courses in her chosen field, from development and investing to real-estate, infrastructure, demographics and negotiations. Needless to say, Tania made great progress and has become an extremely competent investor and developer. Along with property, Tania has a huge love and passion for teenagers. Tania has worked out how to incorporate the two together and is currently developing a unique range of positive programs that will inspire teens and bring opportunity to parents. It’s designed to move them forward and find common ground in order to open up new connections, communication and skills not learned in school. It will create excitement and inspiration for teens into property.

Both teens and parents will receive an innovative way to obtain knowledge, which will benefit their entire lives. Tania’s programs are designed and delivered in an interactive and visual way to help you understand the simplicity and the power of creating a property portfolio – it includes: finance, budgeting, goal- setting, mindset, time management skills and so much more. You will leave with your own personally mapped out blueprint which will expand your mind and allow the growth of your success.