Tanya Leyson

If nutritionist, health coach and hypnotherapist Tanya Leyson is passionate about one thing, it’s health. With over 15 years’ experience under her belt, Tanya has put her appetite for healthy living to good use – working tirelessly to implement healthy change in individuals, corporates and across society more generally.

It all started as a child on her grandparents’ farm. Infatuated by the idea of ‘good food’, Tanya channelled her passions into cooking and learning what she could about diet and the human body. Since then, she has completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and worked her way through the industry, having gained experience in recipe development, corporate wellness programs and one on one coaching. Tanya has even run her own café and written a cookbook, chock full of her own mouth-watering recipes.

In 2016, Tanya launched The Good Health Coach – a one on one coaching service aimed at guiding and empowering people to better health. Tanya works with clients using a mind and body approach (i.e. while she works on your physical health, she is also targeting your mental health). By implementing various techniques, including goal setting, accountability tracking and hypnotherapy, Tanya rewires her clients’ thinking to not only crush their bad health habits, but to create lasting change.

Living a life of careful design to amplify her own health goals, Tanya doesn’t just preach, she practises. What sets Tanya apart are her lived experiences and her understanding that to be truly healthy, is to have a lifestyle that benefits you physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is her unique application of nutritional science to the practicalities of everyday life that sets her clients up for success.

You can connect with Tanya at hello@thegoodhealthcoach.com.au and on Instagram @the_good_health_coach