Tim Wade

Tim Wade is a global conference speaker and management development trainer. His international clientele engage him to speak and train on subjects such as — leading change, developing management and leadership skills, increasing creativity and innovation to find solutions and motivating positive action to improve performance and results.

Tim’s life purpose is to enjoy the adventure of developing character and to motivate positive change for others by helping them transform, find solutions and create growth. Tim does this using his innate traits of creativity, optimism, influence, wisdom and humour. He loves finding humour in life; he also likes wine and hedgehogs.

Whilst Tim has been the main keynote speaker with audiences of 10,000 people at serious conferences all over the world for serious major corporates, serious government agencies, serious churches and serious educational institutions, he also has a series of crazy training videos where he acts as superheroes, or villains, like Dracula or a gangster, or various other pop-culture characters — often all of them on the screen at the same time.

Tim has decades of award-winning theatre acting and video production experience, so eventually he created Wade Studios, to not only help businesses communicate effectively through video, but to create online programs at Wade Academy. It’s a super fun way to learn new ideas, techniques and skills. And if you do go there to check it out, use the coupon code ‘B1G1’ for a special thank you reward for reading this book.

And Tim works with superheroes too. He put it this way: ‘I guess what’s unique about me is, well… I’m Batman.’