Tony Brooks

Tony is man making a difference in the world of legal services, with the help of his team, his clients and some great technology partners.

Founder, CEO and Technology Leader of Feynbrook, Tony’s expertise spans the globe and his vision exceeds industry norms. Feynbrook is a service provider in legal document management, known for bringing NetDocuments to Australia and changing the landscape of legal services. Thus far they’ve helped move over
4,000 people and 50 million documents into a better technology platform.

Tony loves striving to create a win-win opportunities for everyone he works with. Passionate about making a difference, Tony ensures that Feynbrook only works with partners who challenge industry norms and move them forward. Intelligent disruption coupled with astute pragmatism is important to Tony’s vision as it helps build the bridge of the future.

When not working, Tony enjoys playing pool, doing yoga, and fighting for equal rights.