Traci Robertson

The past never equals the future: conquering life, head on and heart out.

Traci Robertson, 47, is a mother-of-two, cancer survivor, property developer, teacher and coach. Traci has a teaching degree and is growing her property portfolio. She is the epitome of the self-made woman and has built her life from the ground up. She has lived a colourful life at both ends of the spectrum, with the life experience of trauma and triumph.

Traci grew up in an abusive home and was once given two weeks to live as she battled cancer. More than a survivor, she is a true inspiration. Continually giving back to others through charity and volunteer work, fostering and teaching, Traci has worked with the homeless, drug-dependent teenagers, the disabled, and children with special needs.

Traci believes that we need to learn to love, believe in ourselves and never give up, in order to live up to our greatest potential. Not only does she say these words, she lives them.