Wilamina Russo

Wilamina is a business engagement leader with an innate talent for writing and communication. Her roots are in North Queensland but her branches have spread all over Australia, having lived in Brisbane, Perth and now Sydney.

She works for The Elevation Company, a company that believes everyone has a unique difference they were born to make. They help people discover and express the truth of who they are, and embrace that difference they were born to make. Wilamina says: ‘I love that! And coincidentally, I love my job.’

She loves people and the stories they have to tell. Wilamina has published a non-fiction book for women, Couldn’t, Wouldn’t, Didn’t: Insights into the Lives of Women Who Never Gave Birth, and written for The Huffington Post US Edition and entrepreneurial magazine The Collective Hub.

‘My passion is people. My purpose is helping people realise their potential.’