Yen Shine

Yen Shine is a remarkable woman of many talents. Born in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge period, she spent her childhood escaping the hardships of war and living in a refugee camp in Thailand. Yen’s story isn’t just hers, it is the result of a determined and persistent father, who against insurmountable odds battled his way through many storms, seizing any opportunities in order to give his cherished family a new life in Australia.

Yen Shine has continued the family legacy, embodying the same tenacity and resilience as her father. Yen has bought and sold a multitude of different businesses, managed numerous residential and commercial property developments and built a steady portfolio. Despite her uncommon upbringing and amazing success Yen knows that the true meaning of life is not in society’s idea of success, but in the one we feel deep within ourselves.

She knows that ‘being rich’ is not about money but about family, joy and inner peace. Yen is a successful entrepreneur and speaks an astonishing six languages; yet most importantly, Yen is a proud wife and mother of two beautiful sons.