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Dean Manor Retreat Centre

The space, time and professional support you need to write your book.

Luxurious, spacious and privately owned, Dean Manor is a retreat, as well as an education and training centre. It’s the place where you can create your dream publication in a productive and peaceful way. You receive full access to our publishing services and specialists during your stay and receive luxury accommodation at the beautiful Macedon Hotel and Spa Resort.

With no distractions from the outside world, our authors find that they achieve more in one weekend than they would in months, or perhaps years, if they were to attempt to write their book at home or in their work environment.

What Happens at the Dean Manor Writers’ Retreat?

Well, you just have to experience one to believe it. As the saying goes, “You just had to be there.”

Each retreat is unique because we cater to the specific needs of the group. Our intimate group of extraordinary authors comes together with the common goal of becoming a published author, and we help them achieve just that.

We help you plan, structure, write and set daily goals to maximise your time and get the most out your days. If you get stuck or need a bit of motivation or assistance, our expert team is there at your fingertips to get you moving in the right direction.

We also bring in an expert speaker at each retreat; we later uploaded the keynote speech to our membership site so you can access it at any time in the future. We also provide you with the videos from any previous or future speakers.

Dean Manor Retreat Centre
Dean Manor Retreat Centre

Who Attends the Retreats?

Industry experts, coaches, speakers, trainers, business owners, entrepreneurs and like-minded authors. Busy people who need a weekend dedicated to writing their book.

You may attend just one retreat to ensure you have your professional photo, video and podcast episode complete, or you may wish to utilise the luxurious retreat up to four times throughout the year as a getaway to get your writing completed.

What’s Included in the Writers’ Retreat Weekend?

Our writers’ retreat includes:

Private accommodation at the Macedon Ranges Hotel and Spa

Luxury facilities to utilise for your creative writing

A full meals package

Unlimited coffee and tea

High-speed internet

An intimate dinner with the publishing team

A professional hair and makeup artist to style you for your photos/videos

A professional photoshoot for your book cover or marketing material

A professional filmmaker to shoot your book introduction/trailer

One-to-one coaching for your business development

Professional designers to work with you on your book cover and layout design

Social media education and engagement

A feature podcast episode about you and your message on our YSHIFT (Your Share-It-Forward Teachings) podcast, hosted by Dean Publishing


Gillian Gorrie

“If I was to tell someone about this retreat, I would say go for it. If you can manage it, go for it, because it’s one of the best things to build your confidence.”

Jess Van Zeil

“I have everything – I’ve got the support, I’ve got everything I need, and it’s something that I know is going to be loved and nourished and cherished by everyone here and afterwards as well.”

Sarifa Younes

“When they published my book, it was only few weeks and it became the number one bestseller on Amazon in three categories, and I would not be able to do that without their support.”