I am not sure about you, but I’m utterly exhausted… and you may be feeling this way too. This is happening for so many of us right now, and it’s important that we give ourselves the time and space to recover and work through it.   

A difficult couple of years 

This year has been huge: personally, I’ve had my daughter’s wedding, my granddaughter’s first birthday, moved my eldest daughter into her new home and moved my 85-year-old parents. Professionally, we’ve tripled the number of books published compared to every other year, employed more team members, set up systems and resources to further support authors, and brought a general manager on board as the team grows. These have just been some of the major events in my life this year – it has been intense, but I still should not be as exhausted as I am.  

Heading into this year, we were already exhausted and overwhelmed from the past two years. We were all frazzled and dragged ourselves into the new year, without time to rest. The past couple of years created so much collective disturbance, shock and insecurity. 

After this, 2022 has been intense for so many of us – everything picked up, but we didn’t have time to prepare for this intensity. It has been a year of catching up on everything we feel we missed, but we weren’t ready for this. Perhaps subconsciously, we have tried so hard to do everything and anything this year as a response to being so limited in what we could do, as well as to distract ourselves from the difficult times we have experienced.  

We’re trying to recreate ‘normal’, but our nervous systems have been on high alert for the last couple of years, with significant affects on our mental health.  

Compassion and understanding are the key 

However, distracting ourselves from distress does not work in the long run – it is important to give ourselves the time and space we need to process, work through our experiences and emotions, and heal.  

Pause and give yourself time. Don’t put pressure on yourself; remind yourself that it has been a difficult time. It is okay to struggle and take time to work through it. You have been through so much, and you have overcome it. Understanding and compassion are the most important things to give yourself and others, especially in harder times.  

Be kind to yourself. Over this holiday break, we need to rest from our computers, from people, from noise and be creative. Find your space, peace and quiet – create a sanctuary for yourself. There’s no need to rush yourself; be gentle and go slowly. This break means you can come back refreshed and ready for next year. 

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