How Can We Shift the World Through Story?

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Recent research has now proven what we suspect to be true – the constant barrage of negative news and violent media does impact our mental and emotional wellbeing, and not in a positive way. Just turn on the TV, read the latest news headlines or flick through Facebook, linked in and Instagram and you’ll be inundated with world disasters and horrific events. You could be forgiven for thinking that the world has gone crazy and people are more terrible than they are kind.

Psychologist Steven Pinker and international studies professor Andrew Mack have researched this topic and discovered that the world is not as insane as we may think. Despite what headlines suggest violence has actually decreased, the world is factually more peaceful than its past and quality of life has improved for millions of people. We believe media platforms should reflect these truths and at the very least expose the reality of humanity.

Newsworthy stories shouldn’t just expose the worst of people but should also reveal the very best of people. Statistically speaking, most humans are in the latter category. For every act of violence, there are a million acts of kindness. But we don’t hear about these, do we? We hear about the one lunatic that did something crazy but not the millions of people who were awesome that same day. We believe this needs to shift! That we, as a community can make that shift! What keeps things ‘trending’ is their popularity; each click, each consumer keeps stories alive and thriving in the media and therefore in our minds.

YSHIFT is all about choice and our choice is to spread hope, promote resilience and reveal the power of the human spirit. This is not to deny that bad things can and do happen (our stories expose some of these areas too) however we choose to share the real-life stories about people overcoming such challenges. There are ordinary people being extraordinary every day and it’s about time we heard about them. It’s about time we share these stories first rather than they just appear as the token ‘good news story’ in the last 30 seconds of an hour-long ‘bad news’ spiel. Stories that impact us in a positive way and reflect the factual truth of our society.

If science shows us that continual exposure to negative and violent media does impact our health in a negative way, we believe that the reverse can also happen. That life-affirming stories can impact us in a positive way. Let’s begin with what we have control of – our choices. Let’s choose stories that empower us as a society, and we can only do this by sharing them!

The YSHIFT movement is about deliberately sharing positive and powerful true-life stories for global change. Sharing information that educates, inspires and empowers.

Make your choice. Join the YSHIFT Movement today and begin to step toward a happier, healthier life today.

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