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Magic & Medicine - Jayne Craig

Rediscover Your Inner Magic and Medicine

Are you ready to connect with the Wise Woman within? Are you inspired to feel more attuned, aligned and intuitive with your sacred self?

Magic and Medicine ~ Finding the Wise Woman Within helps you create a magical connection between your mind, body, spirit and environment.

You will learn how to:

  • Use the ancient art of healing with herbs, potions and natural remedies

  • Cultivate your intuition and magical manifesting abilities

  • Create a sacred haven for you and your loved ones

  • Embody self-care practices to nourish your body and being

  • Honour your ancestral heritage and spiritual guidance

  • Understand personal signs, symbols and their meaning

  • Make your own powerful rituals for health, vitality and self-expression

  • Make your own saining bundles, altars and antipodean floral water

Jayne Craig is a Wellness Witch and Spiritual Mentor who is both clinically trained and magically minded.  A formally trained holistic health practitioner in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Aromascience, Jayne has over 25 years’ experience in healing, tarot reading and earth-based spirituality, fusing her practical skills and holistic health knowledge with empowering ritual and spiritual coaching. She is passionate about supporting and empowering women as they journey home to their most authentic selves and rediscover their own inner magic and medicine.


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