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Mobility Moves Minds - Dr. Barbara FLügge

Dr. Barbara Flügge’s brainchild of a 2-years community research, is both, a
transformational pathway to foster resilience as a mission critical performance
indicator and refl ects the organization’s attitude to steer socially enhanced
businesses through active corporate citizenship and inspire others.
The lack of resilience could lead your business into danger zones, zones of
enormous stress and energy consumption, staff and growth cuts, ultimately losing
your install base and ending up in a dead-end street scenario. What are your tactics
to build and grow again as a business?

Study the nature of corporate resilience in a never seen before design-driven manner:

  • 17 live stories and 5 resilience experts from 13 business sectors
  • Access to individual and corporate sovereignty, 40+ key takeaways, exercises, and a practical corporate leadership manual
  • Study & apply ecosystems thinking, human-digital persona profiling, many more so that you master physical, digital, and mental mobility to nurture a profitable purposeful and sustainable business
  • Get insights into Resilience Management R-Tool® as practical, self-paced business growth framework

“Resilience is both a picture and a sound. The sound that it causes when I climb a ladder and keep going. Buildings are made of functions. Organizations are static and inherently inflexible. The source of organizational resilience is not the organization. To me it is the people that make up resilience. Let’s flip the imbalance!” Shelley Zalis – Resilience is feminine

“To approach the resilient organization further, we talk about the innovation capacity of an organization. A high degree of innovation is not necessarily a measure of resilience, Gerhard states. There are enough startups that have failed. Adaptability, on the other hand, is closer to the resilience eff ectiveness measure described above. Versatility describes the measure of the ability to bend without breaking.” Gerhard Greiner – Mobile and resilient on the road


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