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Financially Fit Women


Unleash the CFO within

​​“A must-read for all women. Amanda will teach you what truly matters when looking at your numbers and give you the confidence to step into your light with the knowledge and power to be financially fit! Finally, a book that offers tools, strategies and practical tips to be at the top of your money game and become your own CFO.”
Rachael Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer of SynxBody


Women face difficulties and stigma — the gender pay gap, less superannuation, higher homelessness, financial abuse and minimal funding for women-founded businesses.

In Financially Fit Women: How to be your own CFO – Confident, Focused and On top of your money, Amanda Thompson combats these issues by sharing her decades of financial knowledge with women, empowering them to be financially fit.

After overcoming a heart attack at the age of 34 and becoming a single mum, Amanda empowered herself and took the initiative to build her own business that reflected her beliefs, ideals, values and knowledge. Amanda’s life experiences, coupled with her success as an endurance athlete drive her to help women and set them up for success.

This invaluable source of knowledge provides you with award-winning financial advice and practical solutions to getting on top of your finances and staying there.

Amanda empowers you to live the life you want, define your goals, and use financial wisdom to achieve them. It’s time to embrace your opportunities and become financially fit!

Financially Fit Women is the ultimate guide for setting yourself up for success and to take charge of your financial future and overcome any barriers or societal expectations that may hold you back.

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