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Love and Coaching

Dr John Gray is the world’s foremost authority on psychology, gender communication, gender intelligence and personal and professional growth. He is the founder of Mars Venus Coaching with certified coaches in 34 countries, 31 of them have co-authored Love and Coaching: Understanding Men and Women in Life, Love and Business. Their unique approach toward gender intelligence in an ever-changing world makes it easy to see how these conscious Mars Venus coaches are working differently, and changing the world…one relationship at a time.

Authors include – John Gray, Rich Bernstein, Susan Dean, Neelofar Qasmi, Michele Festa, Lesley Edwards, Caterina Tornani, Karen Leckie, Clay Smith, Richard Wann, Liza Davis, Mohammad Al Huwaidi, Mahmoud Khater, Oksana Irwin, MK Mueller, Dr. Rani Thanacoody, Lena JO, Tanweer Khan, Hilary DeCesare, Samar Showail, Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch, Emily Macleod, Christian Braga, Monique Sarup, Nissara Chitwarakorn, Eric Lanthier, Reem Suwayd, Sophie Tan Li Koon, Justine Baruch, Gabriella de Leeuw, Asma Shaheen and Chahira Taymour.

Susan Dean

Gabriella de Leeuw

Rich Bernstein

Monique Sarup

Neelofar Qasmi

Oksana Irwin

Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch

MK Mueller

Rani Thanacoody

Lena JO

Tanweer Ahmad Khan

Hilary DeCesare

Samar Showail

Emily Macleod

Christian Braga

Nissara Chitwarakorn

Reem Suwayd

Li Koon Sophie Tan

Eric Lanthier

Justine Baruch

Chahira Taymour

Asma Shaheen

Michele Festa

Lesley Edwards

Caterina Tornani

Karen Leckie

Clay Smith

Richard Wann

Liza Davis

Mohammad Al Huwaidi

Mahmoud Khater


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