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My Bucketlist Blueprint - Travis Bell

Trav Bell is a true thought leader, known as ‘The Bucket List Guy’….The World’s No.1 Bucket List Expert. When Trav was 18 he wrote a ‘To Do Before I Die List’ long before Bucket Lists were ‘a thing’. Decades later, his list has become his life mission. Not only is Trav an accomplished speaker, coach and mentor, he is also Founder CEO of the Certified Bucket List Coach® global network of coaches who are on a mission to help 10 million Bucket Listers live purposely fulfilled lives or #tickitB4Ukickit. From families to Fortune 500 companies, Trav and his tribe run programs that educate, inspire and encourage others to embrace their best life and stretch beyond the ‘norm’.

Trav’s Bucket List is not your average, travel variety — it’s much more than just going places. My BucketList Blueprint is jam-packed with fresh ideas, personalised activities and inspiring stories designed to help you create your own personal, unique and holistic Bucket List. Trav’s step-by-step approach will help you unpack, articulate and take action before it’s too late.

M – Meet A Personal Hero
Y – Your Proud Achievements
B – Buy That Something Special
U – Ultimate Challenges
C – Conquer a Fear
K – Kind Acts for Others
E – Express Yourself
T – Take Lessons
L – Leave A Legacy
I – Idiotic Stuff
S – Satisfy A Curiosity
T – Travel Adventures

Life is way too short not to live your Bucket List!

*Includes Bonus Stories from Trav’s Certified Bucket List Coach® tribe

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