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Nobody Can Save Me - Matt Runnalls

“That feeling you are worthless, a failure and a burden, is not true.

You are unstoppable!” – Matt Runnalls

It’s time to change the way we perceive and treat mental health. After losing ten mates to suicide and fighting hard for his own second chance at life, today Matt Runnalls’ passion and purpose is to open up the conversation around this silent tragedy that affects thousands of people every day. His message is as fundamental as it is urgent: to put wellness back into our own hands and awaken each one of us to the fact we can help and support people at risk, in saving their own life.

Learning to embrace the luminous insights that living with bipolar offers him, inspired Matt to tirelessly pour every ounce of his experiences, learnings and well-being principles into the book he wishes someone had given him when he was younger.

Mental health is not about suffering; it’s about seeing struggle, adversity and pain as a gift, a teacher to a better life and a better version of ourselves. It’s about learning to embrace the breadth of human emotion that helps us strengthen the most important muscle, that of our emotional struggle. It’s bringing hope and acceptance to those who are experiencing unbearable emotional pain.

Matt’s drive and personal story have helped him assemble the most practical tools and strategies from world-renowned thought-leaders and game-changers in the field of mental health, inspirational people he’s been privileged to meet, work with and learn from. Matt presents an array of lifestyle practices and mindsets that can propel you or someone you know struggling, to true and deep well-being and an unstoppable future.

Nobody Can Save Me is the powerful new dialogue around mental health that we’ve been waiting for! It bridges theory with straight-talking, lived-experience and presents real insight and applied action for people struggling and those that care for them: parents, schoolteachers, coaches, bosses, mentors. Let’s get talking.

“A personal hero of mine. Matt’s unique perspective has helped thousands. This book is a must-read if you’ve ever experienced brain pain.”
Kevin Hinesbestselling author of Cracked, Not Broken: Surviving and Thriving After A Suicide Attempt.



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