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Self Care - Rory Callaghan

Our mission is to remind people that they have never needed to be fixed; simply nourished.

Selfcare is the foundation for modern healthcare. This book is a curation of ancient wisdom and modern evidence-based science for everyday people. It is also designed as a framework for health professionals, coaches and business leaders to ignite their own human potential whilst empowering others to do the same: being the embodiment of their message and passion.

Learn how to create your own normal, find harmony from the inside-out, live your ideal lifestyle without restriction, fill your own cup, serve from overflow, live a legacy, create a ripple effect of positive change starting in your local community. Remembering that we all deserve to be filled in the same way we pour. Learn-do-embody-be.

Our promise: every time you do something good for yourself; something good happens in the world.





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