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Standing Tall From The Inside - Angie Clucas

Are You Ready to Stand Tall From the Inside?

Angie Clucas was born with Russell-Silver syndrome, a condition that affects normal growth.

Due to this, she was born smaller than most and with some physical differences. Despite growing up in a warm, loving family environment, “being different” meant standing out, and standing out meant being bullied. Angie endured relentless bullying throughout her life, and because of this, she developed inner resources and tools to help her overcome the torment. She found new ways to rise above the bullies and become her best self.

Angie now helps others overcome bullying. She helps people crawl out of the shadows of poor self-esteem and self-confidence and climb to new heights in their life.

Standing Tall From the Inside helps you:

  • Break the cycle of being bullied
  • Create a resilient and powerful mindset
  • Learn how to move your life in a positive direction
  • Understand your boundaries, your strengths, and your purpose
  • Develop new empowering strategies to live your best life and not let the
    bullies win!

Angie’s deeply personal memories, practical exercises, and down-to-earth advice is a must-read for anyone growing up in today’s world.

Angie Clucas is a speaker, author, manager, anti-bullying advocate, and extremely proud mother. She shares her story as a way to encourages others to Stand Tall from the Inside!

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