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Step On Fear - Dr. Catherine Yang

Are you sick of fear preventing you from living the life of your dreams?
Is it time to discover your true courage and inner strength?

After many years’ facing and learning from her own fears, Dr. Catherine Yang uses her warm and unique voice to reveal remarkable insights into many of our own fears. Insights that have helped to develop her groundbreaking and practical method so anyone can learn to S.T.E.P. on Fear!

Setting of the Mind

From her beautiful birthplace of Taiwan to the cultural adventure of arriving in Australia as a high school student who could barely speak English, Catherine was no stranger to fear. Studying furiously for many years, Catherine not only excelled in her beloved field of dentistry, along the way she broke down the fear code step-by-step, understanding human needs and behaviours, both in our personal and professional lives.

Dr Catherine Yang has developed one of the most valuable, useful tools you can find to finally S.T.E.P. on Fear and turn your fears into cheers!

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