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Sweat Swear Smile - Fred Liberatore


Are you unhealthy, bloated and out of shape? I teach people how to lose weight and gain lean muscle — guaranteed.

Are you struggling with motivation? 

I educate and empower people how to make smart decisions by teaching them why motivation is short-lived and the secret sauce to lasting success.

Sick of always being tired? 

I keep people accountable and get them off the merry-go-round of exhaustion so they can have new found energy.

Want to live an awesome life? 

YOU CAN! My lean muscle system teaches you that and lots more! 

By combining this holistic approach of mind, body and nutrition, you will transform into the athlete you were always meant to be, once and for all!

“Over the time Fred’s been training me … he’ll always make you smile. Perhaps not from his textbook lines of “Dad joke” humour … but just from the warmth and concern that he shows 

to everyone who comes into his gym to train. There’s no doubt if it wasn’t fun training with Fred I would have given up a long time ago.”

— Matt Preston, Food writer and TV & radio presenter 

“It’s refreshing to see someone of Fred’s calibre put out great content; this book is packed with that.” 

— Amelia Phillips, Fitness & Nutrition Expert & TV presenter

Sweat Swear Smile is over 200 pages backed by more than four decades of experience, research and evidence, and 100% geared towards helping you be the athlete you were born to be.  


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