The Guys’ Guide to Separation and Divorce

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The Guys’ Guide to Separation and Divorce

Straight, practical answers. Real guy advice. 

Let’s face it. If you’re a guy going through separation or divorce, you may not have the support you need to effectively navigate the process. You may not have someone who you can talk to for clear and accurate advice.

When it comes to separation, you want to be armed with the best information possible. That’s where The Guys’ Guide to Divorce & Separation can help. This guide offers straightforward, easily digestible, no-nonsense advice from a collaboratively trained family lawyer on:

  • Managing your physical and mental health
  • Childcare and parenting arrangements (including child support)
  • Handling your financial split
  • Maintenance
  • Getting to that final agreement
  • Important points you may not have considered

This guide will leave you feeling inspired and relieved that there’s a way forward to achieve the best outcomes for you, your partner, and your children. It means you and your family can get the most out of life, not because you and your partner separated but because you’ve worked through and overcome one of life’s most challenging decisions together.

Siobhan Mullins is a collaboratively trained family lawyer who specialises in helping couples achieve an amicable separation. She is the brains behind multi-award-winning family law firm Separate Together and author of Splitting Up Together: The How-To Handbook for an AMICABLE Divorce. Siobhan’s years of experience, countless success stories, and innovative approach to law place her in the perfect position to guide others through separation and achieve the best possible outcomes.

1 review for The Guys’ Guide to Separation and Divorce

  1. Erika

    The ‘Guy’s Guide’ is an incredibly informative, easy-to-read book that truly ‘guides’ you through all aspects of separation.

    Siobhan uses real life examples and advice from men who have been in similar situations (some with more positive outcomes, some negative), to help achieve the best outcome possible.

    As a female, I’ve shared answers to some of the questions in the book with male friends and family, who were otherwise hesitant to ask for help (for fear of seeming ‘weak’), and used it to better inform my own knowledge and understanding from which to support the men in my life.

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