The Sparkle Kids and the Sugar Troll

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The Sparkle Kids and the Sugar Troll


Get ready to meet The Sparkle Kids!

Summer and Sonny Sparkle are cousins who love having fun and outdoor adventures together.

In their first adventure, Summer becomes trapped by the Old Sugar Troll. She needs Sonny’s help to rescue her from his sugar-filled cave. Together, Summer and Sonny must fight the Sugar Troll to save thousands of other children who have been trapped by his treats. They have fallen under his sugar-eating spell that’s making them feel sad. Will the power of Sonny’s magic sword and Summer’s wand be enough to overcome the Troll’s wicked and unhealthy ways?


Author Danielle Smith created The Sparkle Kids’ adventures to share an important and timely message, promoting healthy living in a captivating story full of optimism and kindness to share between adults and young children. Look out for more of The Sparkle Kids’ adventures, games, and wellbeing messages coming soon!


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