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Wear Your Warrior- Katrina Wurm

Ignite Your Inner Warrior and Live Powerfully

Are you a busy mum juggling multiple tasks and taking care of everybody else before yourself? Are you sick and tired of putting yourself on the backburner? Are you overwhelmed and stressed from trying to do it all and be it all, all the time?

If you answered yes – then you’re ready to ignite your inner warrior and free yourself from the shackles of exhaustion and powerlessness.

Coach and mumpreneur Katrina Wurm is no stranger to adversity, she has experienced her fair share of tough experiences and battled many of life’s hardships. She also discovered a way through the tough times and teaches other women how to do the same.

You will learn how to:

  • Discover empowerment through organisation
  • Reclaim the life you were born to live rather than the one you expected
  • Accept and overcome adversity with resilience and compassion
  • Destress and declutter your life in easy and imaginative ways

Wear Your Warrior is the ultimate guide to living an organised, stress-free and super fun life. It’s full of practical tips, personal stories and parenting wisdom for the busy, everyday supermum.

Katrina Wurm is an empowerment coach who specialises in assisting women to lead their best lives. She arms her clients with a range of  self-care tools and strategies to help them prioritise self-care and live purposeful lives.  She is the proud recipient of  numerous international coaching awards and has appeared in publications and news articles worldwide.


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