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We’re All In This Together – Skye Hughes

School friends – Kiana, Amin, Roshan, Casey, Ming and Tyler all have one thing in common — they can’t go to school. The world changed very quickly and now they have to stay home to keep themselves and their families and friends safe. They discover that even apart, they can find new and fun ways to be together.

At a time when the world looks a little different, this encouraging story promises young readers an opportunity to reflect on their own experience of this unique moment in history while promoting resilience and unity.


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4 reviews for We’re All In This Together – Skye Hughes

  1. Avatar

    Amanda Marshall, Senior Primary School Teacher

    “This book should be in the hands of children, educators and parents.”

  2. Avatar

    Gemma Wooden, Teacher, Footscray City Primary School

    “What a truly important book that will resonate with children, parents and teachers alike. This will be an essential tool to support children’s well-being as we move from distance learning to the classroom. A must-read for all.”

  3. Avatar

    Glenda Hanslow, Parent and Teacher, Melbourne

    “Nathan and I read it together one night when he couldn’t sleep. Of course, by the end, I was so touched by the character’s stories and connected them to my own children’s experience that I got choked up. My empathetic heart couldn’t keep a dry eye. Nathan loved it too. If you know precious little people trying to navigate this time and see themselves resonated in the stories they read, please buy this book.”

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    Melanie Burns, Paramedic, Melbourne

    “If you know young people who are experiencing the impact of Covid-19, this beautiful book will help them understand community when we need each other most.”

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