Why Complacency Kills

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Why Complacency Kills - Hassan Younes


When an individual or business begins to stagnate or drifts into ‘operating on
autopilot’ often complacency creeps in. Complacency at first appears subtle but the
outcomes can be disastrous: drops in performance, lack of drive, low morale and
inconsistent financial returns; not to mention the personal toll it can have: increased
stress, relationship pressures and bur.
Eradicating complacency and becoming a transformational leader is the primary goal
to growing and expanding your business and yourself. Why Complacency Kills will
STEER you in the right direction by showing you how to:

  • Destroy complacency before it destroys you
  • Develop a thriving workplace culture that eradicates complacency once and
    for all.
  • Acquire new key strategies to become a transformational leader of the future
  • Ignite your strengths and develop leading-edge skills designed to grow your
    business and build a brand of influence.
  • Influence your team and use the STEER strategy to direct you and your team
    in a positive and prosperous direction.

Yes, you can avoid complacency and catapult your business to soaring new heights you
never thought possible, isn’t that why you started the business in the first place?

​Hassan Younes is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and transformational leader.
His mission is to help business leaders create the life of their dreams, and the sure-fire way to do this is to: kill complacency and grow your success exponentially.

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