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You may recognize these faces and Books!


Hi Professional Speakers of Australia,

We are so excited to meet you in person at the 2024 Convention. We have a stand so come over and say a big hello.

If you want to chat with us prior to the day here is Susan’s calendar to book a time.

Video Testimonials

Trav Bell

The Bucketlist Guy

Tony Eades


Aaron Smith

Founder of KX Pilates

Erika Cramer

Confidence Coach

Lauren Lowe

The Future Of Business

Nadine Muller


Written Testimonials

“It’s been a pleasure working with Susan and the whole team at Dean Publishing. An incredible end-to-end experience and I couldn’t be happier with the result!”

Aaron Smith

Founder of KX Pilates

“I would never have made it to the finish line without Dean Publishing. Susan, Natalie, Jazmine, Chloe, Monique, and the entire team have been absolutely incredible! ”

Marcus Pearce

Author of Your Exceptional Life

“To say that working with Susan and Dean Publishing changed my life is an understatement. I can not thank them enough. Not only has it helped to have their incredible team support me during my book promotion and launch but their expertise and knowledge on all the many moving pieces I had no idea about were and continue to be priceless. They are so professional, friendly, kind, and knowledgeable that it’s not even funny.I cannot recommend enough for Anyone who wants to write and launch a book to work with Dean Publishing. Their ENTIRE team is amazing. Family-owned business run by incredible business-minded leaders who care about every single one of their authors.”

Erika Cramer

Author of Confidence Feels like Shit

“Writing a book, especially one that is partly autobiographical, is a huge task, not only in time but emotionally as well. The person you trust with your story needs to not only have your best interests at heart but understand that your book is your ‘baby’. Susan and the team she has put together provide the utmost support and guidance not only to get your book published but to be there for you every step of the way. If you have a book in you she is the only choice”

Katrina Wurm

Author of Wear your Warrior