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Loz Antonenko

What is your book called and what is it about?

My book is titled – Get The F*ck Unstuck! It’s time to cut the BS and get real about our health, our mindset. and our lives!

In a crisis, we tend to look for magic solutions while overlooking the profound impact of addressing fundamental daily habits: eating well, sleeping enough, breathing, hydration, and movement. I call these ‘handbrake habits’ because you must release the handbrake to get unstuck and gain momentum in your life.

Have you ever felt stuck—moving but barely, surviving but not thriving, existing but not living?

I’m Loz Antonenko, and as your go-to Healthy Habit Coach, Motivation Maven, and Mojo Mechanic, there was a time in my life when everything I did was about avoidance and escape – the ultimate personification of being stuck. That led me to the concept of ‘handbrake habits’. This wasn’t some grand, sweeping new vision of life. It was a simple, one-thing-at-a-time approach. And it actually worked!

Now, guess what? Improving these habits is an entirely trainable and transferable skill set! In Get the F*ck Unstuck!, you get my BS-free blueprint to move from stuck to unstoppable, using the transformative power of daily routine. Through The Healthy Habit Hierarchy life operating system, I guide you to embrace the simplicity of transformation that lies in what you already do every day.

I’m living proof it’s doable. And you can do it, too. Simplify to amplify!

Tell us more about you?

I’m a motivational speaker and interdisciplinary lifestyle coach. I’ve made it my mission to help busy people get unstuck in life.

Using my keen understanding of the transformative power of healthy habits and daily routines to fulfil my mission, my qualifications and life experience let me guide you towards a life filled with happiness, health and vitality.

Not only am I an AUSactive accredited exercise professional with certifications in fitness, pilates, cognitive behaviour therapy, life coaching, and other complementary fields of study, but I’m “life-qualified”. Unlike so many coaches, I don’t merely observe and speak about these topics from a distance – I live them. I have freed myself from being stuck to unstoppable.

Mastering the art of daily habits helped me battle and triumph over violence, personal tragedies, health issues and more. Not content to only help only myself, I’ve made it my mission to assist others on their journey from stuck to unstoppable.

I’ve built multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses, am a published author, and have become a powerful professional speaker. My strategies have inspired countless people to succeed by making small changes to their everyday habits for tangible and sustainable results.

Ultimately, my goal is to inspire everyone to “Get the F*ck Unstuck” in life – without making overwhelming changes.

Let us get to know you a little better by answering these quickfire questions:

What is your favourite quote?

“You have the choice to see everything IN the way or ON the way. Once you see how the world around you is helping fulfil the world within you, you will begin to master your life.”
— Dr John Demartini

What is your favourite book?

Wow! I think I would have to start with one of the books I read early on “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” or “The Compound Effect”

What is your favourite podcast at the moment?

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson.

Who is your role model?

I don’t believe in role models (I’m my own, but I do have a lot of amazing mentors like Dr John Demartini, Mel Robbins, Paul Check, Tim Ferriss, Alex Hormozi, Brendon Burchard and my incredibly inspiring friends, family and clients who teach me every single day.

Who in your life has inspired you the most and why?

My mother, Yvonne, and my husband, Michael, continue to inspire me to grow, evolve and ask questions.

What is your coffee order?

An unadulterated long black. I’ve come a long way from Grande Cappuccinos with two sugars and a dash of caramel syrup!

Pet peeves?

Unaccountability, inaction and cognitive dissonance – pretty much anyone who knows what they should do to improve their life but chooses to blame others for their circumstances and not take action to do “the thing” that will change it for the better!

What inspired you to write this book?

I never meant to write a book, albeit the same book twice!

After years of rigorous “me-search”, I was on a mission to find answers to why the f*ck I was so stuck. As a conscientious and curious human, I realised that most of the advice I had accumulated to help me sort my life out was either too specific or too broad. Your health IS your wealth, and having lived a life where I’ve battled ongoing challenges that have taken me to my mental and physical limits, I was kind of forced to forge my way out to get the f*ck unstuck.

On the other side of stuck, when I started living an unstoppable life, others began to notice, and I was constantly asked how I did it. When I pulled apart my journey from stuck to unstoppable, I realised I could turn my adventure into a clear, simple, pragmatic, step-by-step process for others to follow. This led to the rest.

How did you find the process of writing and publishing your book?

This isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to writing and publishing a book, but it’s certainly a lot less overwhelming the second time around when you know the process! I’ve always been a writer so communicating my message in written form was the easy part. Unfortunately, due to the triggering nature of many of the themes of my life journey, I was forced to censor a lot of my story in my first book. When I realised that telling my story authentically actually mattered, I decided to spend over twelve months rewriting myself back into my book and added a chapter and some new concepts.

I’m so happy I found a publisher (Dean Publishing) who backed me 100% this time – sure, I’m a slow learner, but sometimes, when the student is ready, the teacher appears!

What surprised you most about the writing process?

Rewriting a book is a lot more challenging than writing one from scratch! I liken it to learning to drive an automatic car, getting your licence, and then trying to learn how to drive a manual 20 years later! I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the process, and I’m proud of myself for having a second crack because my new book certainly screams “Loz” and I’m stoked I did it twice!

What do you hope the reader gets from reading this book?

My book creates a profound shift where instead of being constrained by often unseen handbrake habits, readers leave with a clear awareness of the extraordinary power of confronting and transforming their lives through the simple act of addressing their current daily behaviours. This shift from passive existence to conscious living, where you’re awakened to the fact that you already possess what you need, makes a serious impact. You leave equipped, empowered, and inspired to embark on a personal journey of confronting and transforming your five handbrake habits – to move from a life that is merely living, to one in which you know and feel yourself to be thriving. You move from stuck to unstoppable.

In a world searching for quick fixes and hacks, we can embrace the simplicity of transformation that lies not in the external but in the internal, not in the complex but in the simplicity of what we already do every day.

You’re not just transforming a habit. You’re changing your life and getting the f*ck unstuck.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to write a book but doesn’t know how?

Every single one of us has a story or idea inside our hearts that’s worth sharing. Never in human history have we had access to so much knowledge and yet lack so much connection because we are constantly fearful of the judgement of others. There are no barriers that physically or technologically exist to prevent you from writing a book, so if you want to write a book but don’t know how, stop “shoulding” all over yourself and find a way to start by asking yourself better questions.

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