The Key to Success? The 3 Secrets That Never Change

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secrets to success

I’ve spent countless years neck-deep in the area of coaching training and self-
development. I’ve been trained by some of the best coaches in the world— John Gray, Taki Moore, Dale Beaumont, Tony Robbins, Tad James, Scott Demoulin, Scott Harris and so many more. I’ve also been coaching others for decades.

Like anyone in business or with a bad case of ‘the entrepreneurial bug’ — I’ve had
my highs and my lows, my successes and my huge learning curves. I’ve made
money and lost money, many times I have bitten off more than I could chew and had to chew like mad.

Despite the variety of teachers, courses and coaches, there’s been one quality that
has never changed. One trusty constant throughout the ever-changing world of
business, and that is the need to learn from others who have ‘been-there-done-that’ and succeeded!

Tony Robbins has said it over-and-over again because he knows the value of a
genuine coach or mentor. Here are Tony’s top #3 secrets to success:
Secret #1: The surest way to achieve success is to model someone who is already
successful. If you don’t have good models, find someone who is the best in your
chosen field and emulate them. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – simply learn
from the best.

Secret #2: Ask someone who can help you. Whatever you want in life, someone has already discovered how to get it — and you want to figure out what they are doing right. Someone can likely save you time and pain with the knowledge they’ve gained in their own experiences, but understand that their time is valuable. First, figure out how you can help them, add value to their life, and then they will be more likely to help you.

Secret #3: Success leaves clues. People who succeed consistently are not lucky;
they’re doing something different than anyone else. They have a strategy that works, and if you follow their strategy and you sow the same seeds, then you’ll reap the same rewards.

There you have it! The top three secrets that never change. Did you notice that they all involve learning from other people?

Because learning is something that never stops. There will always be experts that
are willing to share their hard-earned wisdom and success insights with a wider

I totally agree with Tony’s wisdom and have found the same to be true in my life. In fact, to such a degree that the entire Yshift Movement is designed around this

The Yshift Movement is all about helping others make shifts in their life. The authors and mentors that feature in our Yshift library are people who have succeeded in certain areas of their life. They are hand-picked and chosen on the criteria of their
ability to help other people.

We all need to make shifts in some area of our life. For some people, it’s in the area of health, for others, it’s wealth or relationships. Whatever shift you need to make.


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