What does beauty mean to you? Are you a beauty expert?

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Beauty can come from all different angles. Beauty isn’t just about looking good, with your hair and makeup done. Beauty can be about how you feel about yourself, but it is also so much deeper than external looks.  

Beauty can come from anything in life that we find pleasurable. We can find a person, a sunset, or an experience beautiful; we can find ourselves beautiful.  

In terms of external confidence and beauty, when we look good, we feel good; beauty regimes and making others feel good can be part of feeling beautiful. This can include facials, skincare routines, massages, finding a perfectly fitting bra, and giving or receiving a compliment like, “Your skin is glowing” or, “You have beautiful energy” can make us feel good. This part of beauty is about making sure you’re taking time for yourself and putting the effort in. 

When you do your hair, do your makeup, put on a new outfit, when you look in the mirror and you feel good about yourself, that in turn gives you more confidence and makes you feel better inside, so that when you’re exuberating your energy, it’s good energy. 

“Inner beauty should be the most important part of improving one’s self.”  

Priscilla Presley 

Discovering beauty in your world 

It’s also about feeling beautiful on the inside too. This means that self-development plays a role in beauty too. While people often think of beauty in the form of a physical human attractiveness, internal beauty is a significant part of life. Finding beauty in our relationships and our experiences, as well as ourselves, can add happiness and fulfillment to our lives.  

We can find beauty in silence and space as well. It’s important to give ourselves space and time to have purposeful relaxation days, such as choosing a day to chill out and stay in your pyjamas. This can be beautiful, because you’re choosing to find beauty in relaxing and we can feel good without putting effort in.  

When we feel good (whether it’s inside, outside, or both), we exude great confidence. Even when we don’t have anywhere spectacular to go, putting in effort for ourselves, both inside and outside, will help us feel better. Even if you’re working from home and doing Zoom calls, your camera might be off but you might put on a nice outfit and do your makeup. It’s not about looking good for everyone else – it’s about looking good for yourself. It’s also about having a routine that makes us feel confident and beautiful. It’s about feeling good and feeling beautiful for yourself.  

So, remember that when we look after ourselves, we’re not just doing it for the outside world; we’re doing it for our inner world as well.  

As I mentioned earlier, beauty can also be about enjoying a beautiful sunset, feeling grateful to be sitting outside, living in a beautiful country, looking at the wildlife around you, or enjoying a rainbow in the sky. Beauty is all around us. When we can use that gratitude and that stillness to take in the beauty around us, that’s where it feeds into our soul and makes us feel blessed. It makes us feel happy inside, which in turn, makes us feel beautiful. Sometimes we forget about those things, but beauty is all around us. Remember, let’s see the beauty in our world and in what others do. 

“What you do, the way you think makes you beautiful.”  

– Scott Westerfeld 

How beauty touches me 

For me, beauty comes from seeing my children smiling and being happy. It comes from seeing my husband doing things with our children; even though they are now fully grown adults, it still brings joy and beauty into my world to see how close and loving my family is. I see beauty and joy in my daughter playing with her daughter, my granddaughter. It comes from seeing my animals run around in the garden.  

These are all beautiful things that we can see with our eyes, and we can feel with our hands and our hearts. As the poet John O’Donohue said,  “Beauty is the illumination of your soul.”  

When you see someone walk into a room with a big smile on their face, radiating happiness, that’s beautiful. No matter their height, their weight, whether they have makeup on or not, beauty can emanate out of a human being, from that pure happiness and beauty within.  

Happiness and kindness are a part of beauty, so when you’re looking at making a shift in the area of beauty, think about what makes you truly happy. Think about what makes you feel beautiful, and do whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful.  

Everybody is different and beauty is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Society puts so much pressure on us to fit into a particular box that it calls beauty, but it’s different for everyone. There are some people that may look beautiful on the outside, but they’re actually not feeling the beauty within.  

So to have the ultimate beauty in your life, remember to enjoy both the outer beauty of yourself and your surroundings, and the inner beauty of yourself and others around you. Embrace all of the beauty in the world, because that’s what lights us up and makes us feel beautiful from the inside out. 

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes.”  

Sophia Loren

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