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susan dean

What Makes Me Happy

Finding happiness is about looking at what makes you smile and what lights you up inside. For me it is my girls, my granddaughter who lights me up as soon as she enters the room, and my amazing husband who is my biggest supporter in all that I do and makes me feel loved every day.

I believe that happiness is about creating the life that you love. There will be ups and downs along the way, but having a life and career with flow and flexibility makes me happy. When you love what you do, it is never work – it is just work life flow.

My passion has always been around making a difference. Being a youth worker and then a life coach, business coach and now publisher, I have always focused on sharing knowledge, stories and lessons to help others in life and business. Stories that make a difference and have a lesson or teaching that helps people in their lives and business are what got me into books in the first place.

Helping people to have the courage to share their stories, their lessons and teachings forward is what makes me happy. I know that a book can change someone’s life, so I have created a team of experts who can hold the author’s hand from start to finish and get their story out there into the world. The author makes a difference in their own life and the lives of others, and I get to be in my happy place.

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