What’s the difference between Traditional Publishing, Self Publishing and Dean Publishing?

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We often get asked the question “What’s the difference between Traditional Publishing, Self Publishing and Dean Publishing?”

So I thought I would take a second to outline the differences in case you’ve ever wondered…

Traditional Publishing – an agent picks up your book, they pay for the entire process but also own the rights to your book and you get around 10% profit of each book sold.

Self-Publishing – you as the author do all the work and pay for it – from writing, graphic design, finding suppliers/editors, printers and promotion. You have all the rights and all the profits.

Dean Publishing – we do all the work and you keep all the rights and profits! Our incredible team helps you write your book, edit it, organise graphics, printing, the whole process is taken care of. You pay an upfront fee and all profits and rights are yours to keep! Not to mention we can turn your book into an audiobook, online course and other products as well as help you with promotion.

So as you can see, you get the best of both worlds when you choose to publish your book with Dean Publishing. We always talk to our potential authors first to make sure it’s a right fit for both of us, so if you’re interested in having a chat with our team – click the button below and schedule in a time.

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