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Our team is obsessively passionate about audio, as it can reach people on a uniquely emotional and intimate level. Audio delivers a different experience than reading; some call it ‘theatre of the mind’. Just like print and digital book versions, audiobooks continue to entertain, engage and educate people for years after they’re initially published and released. For better or worse, as the world gets busier and our lives get increasingly more hectic, people feel they no longer have the time to sit and read. This movement to increased audio consumption has been growing year on year since the early 2000s and continues to expand in both the publishing industry and the podcast space.

Some evidence of this explosive growth is:

  • 1 in 10 books that are sold are audiobooks
  • The average person now listens to 8 audiobooks every year
  • Audiobook revenue is projected to double in the next three years

With Dean Publishing audiobooks, we make it easy for authors like you to transform your written manuscript into an audiobook product. For some titles we provide casting services to work with you, collaboratively, to select and hire the perfect voice actor for your book. If you’re a nonfiction author who is a consultant, speaker or business professional (in other words, you are the voice of your brand or your voice is your true connection to the market), we have a virtual studio system to record you remotely over the internet, working directly with an audio producer while you do it, to get the best performance you can deliver.

As the recording process is completed, we edit and complete your audiobook, then facilitate setting it up for sale on Audible, Amazon, iTunes, and up to 35 additional online retail sales channels. We hope this video helps you understand the power, possibilities and potential for authors to unlock a whole new audience with audiobooks.

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Our Tips:

  • You need an audio engineer, hire a professional it is a long 25 hours that needs to be edited, they know exactly what they are looking for. They are listening to the audio through high-quality equipment. They will notice if there is a dip in energy and tone so will get you to have a break and come back refreshed.
  • Don’t rush the process – Know your body. Go slowly. A lot of energy is used for speaking. Do it over 2-3 days.