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Our Founder

Susan Dean

Susan is a life and business coach, workshop and training facilitator, publisher and entrepreneur.

Susan pioneers the power of storytelling, encouraging people all over the world to share forward their life teachings, insights and wisdom in order to help others make a shift in their lives.

With her help, coaches, authors, mentors and many other business professionals have been able to share their knowledge and exponentially raise their profile.

Dean Publishing

Our Team

Meet the experts from Dean Publishing


Editor-in-Chief of Publishing

Professional editor. Writer. Author. Natalie handles the book publishing operations and aims to make every author a literary rockstar – literally. #WordNerd


Customer Relations Manager

Operations manager. Executive organiser. Multitasker extraordinaire. Monique keeps the whole organisation on-point, on task and operating as a high-performing team. #TheExtraordinaire


Head of Marketing and Events

Multiskilled marketer. Events expert. Customer service superstar. Chloe makes every event a masterpiece and every author a media sensation. #DreamMaker


General Manager

Organiser of everything and everyone. Emma guides our growing team while planning for our bright future. #TheOrganiser


Accounts Department

Finance. Accounts. Money mover. Mauraid is the wonder of numbers. She handles the invoicing and accounts and makes sense out of cents. #SpreadsheetGuru


Graphic Designer

Designer. Creative. Formatting expert. Jazmine is the woman with the creative wand who magically designs covers and formats our authors’ books. #DesignWizard


Graphic Designer

Designer. Artist. Pixel perfectionist. Dani is the whiz creative whose attention to detail takes a brief and makes it into a beautiful book. #CreativeQueen


Author Coach & Editor

Guiding new authors through the twists and turns of their book writing adventure.


Developmental and Analytical Editor

Professional editor. Content writer. Style guide whiz. Izzy takes care of Dean Publishing’s editing needs, and coaches authors to become the best they can be. #EditingExpert


Writer, Author Coach and Editor

Matt guides authors through the publishing journey and helps them craft words that resonate.

book publishing experts


Head of Filming and Production

Award-winning professional filmmaker. Cinematographer. Master storyteller. Matt films, creates and edits all author videos and turns moments into visual masterpieces. #MediaMogul