International Women’s Day: Celebrating our Female Authors for 2022

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In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’d love to spotlight some of our incredible female authors for 2022. At Dean Publishing, we’re passionate about sharing the voices and teachings of remarkable people. As the female owner and founder of Dean Publishing, seeing other female business owners and inspirational women thrive is so fulfilling. I am also very proud that a large portion of our publishing team are female; a wonderful group of hardworking professionals that love books as much as I do.

It gives me great pleasure to celebrate women, both personally and professionally and work alongside them as their mentor, friend, boss or publisher.

Let’s now give a big shout out to Dean Publishing’s upcoming female authors of 2022:

Kat John

Kat John, The ZEROFKS Chick, is an international coach and popular podcast host. She doesn’t hold back on sharing relatable stories, speaking real and raw truths, and always holds people accountable for being the solution to their own problems. She’s the creator of the global ZEROFKS movement, a keynote speaker and runs workshops that help bring people’s souls back to life and save their fks for the things that matter. After overcoming life-altering experiences from childhood sexual abuse, bulimia, addiction, mental health struggle, chronic pain and brain surgery, Kat is an example of hope, showing others that there is life beyond our pain. Kat’s mission is lighting up the world through helping legends give zerofks to the things that don’t matter, and save their fks for the things that do!

Emily Osmond

Emily Osmond is an international business coach and speaker, based in Melbourne, Australia. Her ultimate mission through her work is to accelerate gender equality. Having walked away from multiple workplaces after experiencing sexual harassment and discrimination, Emily launched her own business in her mid-20s to do work her way. Emily teaches other women how to build financially, and personally, rewarding businesses through her podcast, programs and events. She specialises in helping service-based business owners to book out with clients, and scale with online programs. Emily has a Master of Communications degree, has welcomed almost 1,000 students through her flagship online program, The Modern Marketing Collective, has attracted a community of 40,000 people across her social platforms, and hosts one of Australia’s top marketing podcasts, The Emily Osmond Show.

Amanda Thompson

From the boardroom of Australia’s biggest banks as a leading Financial Advisor to qualifying three times for the Ironman World Championships despite health issues, Amanda Thompson has never been afraid of a challenge. As an Award-winning Financial Advisor and Founder of Endurance Financial, Amanda has, for the past 17 years, specialised in offering strategic financial guidance for individuals and businesses with complex matters requiring more than textbook advice.

As a dynamic keynote speaker Amanda is able to captivate audiences with her intelligent wit and real life stories. She is particularly driven to help men and women overcome the gender biases that stand in the way of personal achievement; lessons learned after thriving in typically male dominated environments. Whether delivering financial advice or inspirational anecdotes, Amanda’s philosophy is to provide unique, accountable and comprehensive information that leads to successful outcomes. Her areas of expertise in business include investment strategy, wealth creation, self-managed superannuation, personal insurance and retirement strategies. Her areas of focus in life include resilience, determination and dedication to something bigger than self.

Dr Hanan Al Mutawa

Dr Hanan was born and raised in Kuwait to an Irish mother and a Kuwaiti father. She has a PhD (Education) from Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, a Master of Science (Education) from Edinburgh University, and another Master’s degree (Philosophy) from Oxford Brookes University.

Dr Hanan is the only individual from the private sector who sits on Kuwait’s Executive Supreme Education Council using her influence and expertise to improve educational outcomes across the whole country.

Dr Hanan has played a leading role in forging the way for arts and sports programs for the youth of Kuwait. Her initiatives encompass humanitarian work, gender equality, healthcare, politics, and economics. Some of these initiatives are through Dr Hanan’s involvement on several Advisory Boards including the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, Kuwait’s Executive Supreme Education Council and the Kuwait National United Nations Human Development Programme (UNDP) Report.

Hanan also orchestrated the campaign of Dr. Massouma Al-Mubarak, who became the first woman elected as a Kuwaiti Cabinet Minister in 2005. In 2009 she went on to help Dr. Massouma become the first woman elected to the Kuwaiti Parliament in its 71-year history. Hanan kept the momentum going by then helping get three more women elected to the Kuwaiti Parliament.

She is a leader in education, women’s empowerment and creating positive change in the world.

Mariam El Houli

Saving the world one book at a time. Mariam El Houli writes for humanity with one fierce intent: to take cultural and social taboos and reveal their forbidden secrets on paper. She illuminates the complexity of human relationships, social dynamics and cultural entanglements, capturing the best and worst of humanity.

Mariam is the author of the soon-to-be released YA fiction The Olive Tree. A prolific writer and mother of five, Mariam has just completed her second novel Souls of the Devil: Grey Wolves, an historical adult fiction set on the coast of the Black Sea in northeast Turkey. Maraim’s novels are notorious breathless page-turners set to shock and surprise at every turn.

She is also the CEO and founder of Eve’s Skin Australia (we can’t help but wonder how she does it all! But she doesn’t sleep much.) Eve’s Skin, aims to help as many women as possible afford high quality vegan and organic skincare products so they can refresh, revitalize and rejuvenate their skin without having to worry about long-term harm to their body.

Eve’s Skin adopts a “no nasties” approach. This means it’s free from toxic chemicals and ingredients that are harmful for your skin. No matter your skin type, Eve’s Skin is gentle and effective, even eczema sufferers can’t get enough of Eve’s Skincare range.

When not penning gripping novels and running her global business, Mariam spends time with her husband and five beautiful children. A true modern-day superhero.

Julide Turker

If you were to ask Julide Turker to sum up her number one principle when it comes to health, it would be ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Julide believes that the more work you do in setting the foundations of optimum mental, physical and spiritual wellness, the less you will have to do down the track. It is her focus on assisting clients implement sustainable lifestyle modifications through nutrition, supplementation, and mindset coaching that helps stave off illness and subdue the effects of the aging process.

Julide employs a holistic approach when it comes to treatment. She considers that the mind, body and spirit are of equal importance when it comes to a person’s health, and that a person cannot achieve peak health if they are not well in all of these areas.

Often referred to as ‘The Muslim Naturopath’, Julide’s practice is grounded in prophetic medicine, as she aims to better the health of women and children through conscious living. Julide seeks to serve God by acting as vessel in connecting her clients to their creator.

Julide completed a joint degree in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, and Master’s in Food Sciences and Engineering at the University of Melbourne. She currently consults children and women one-on-one in the areas of childhood illness, female reproductive illness, and pre-conceptive and post-conceptive care.

Julide is currently in the process of writing her first book, One Third of Your Stomach, to be published by Dean Publishing. In Julide’s book, you will discover information and guidance on nutrition, movement, preventative care, spirituality, and mental health, all grounded in holistic and prophetic medicine.

Julide is a proud wife and mother of two young children. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Paris Marchant

Outcast Clothing was founded in late 2014 by a young power couple, Paris Marchant and Lawrence Lees, who wanted to make a difference in the world of online shopping. Paris dropped out of school because of bullying and clinical depression, but overcame this to become the co-owner of a million-dollar clothing company.

From the day Outcast Clothing launched, Lawrence and Paris packed every parcel by hand from their one bedroom apartment. Each parcel represented an important, growing relationship with a customer. Today, Outcast Clothing has grown to become a go to online destination for girls worldwide. With a warehouse filled with the latest clothing, a passionate team who know exactly what you want from online shopping – convenience, fast shipping and most of all friendly service from a team that treats you like a friend!

Tarsh Bamblett

Natarsha Bamblett is a proud indigenous woman of Yorta Yorta, Gunai Kurnai, Walpiri and Wiradjuri heritage. She is a storyteller, mother, and advocate of helping others connect to Self, Culture and Country.

Tarsh was the first player signed to the Richmond Victorian Football League Women’s (VFLW), and is a member of the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria. She spends a large portion of her time performing ceremonial acknowledgements at events, running her own masterclasses and women’s circles.

Tarsh combines her love of culture, self-care and community in an effortless and meaningful way. She is a pioneer and changemaker in today’s society, helping indigenous and non-indigenous people bridge the gap and find the way back to their true selves.

Tarsh inspires people of all cultures and generations to heal generational trauma and create space to listen, nurture and support each other. Her incredibly illuminating book Beyond The Gap will be released in 2022 and is guaranteed to leave a mark in the hearts of many.

Priscilla Hajiantoni

Priscilla is the founder and owner of Bangn Body, an iconic Australian skincare brand. Priscilla made the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30, and the Bangn Body firming lotion now sells one tube every two minutes.

The philosophy behind Bangn Body is that self-care, self-love and beauty should be simple but super effective! Priscilla wanted to create a clean, good-for-you skincare brand that did more with less product and time. The unique products are formulated with the highest quality natural, vegan and cruelty-free Australian sourced ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to help renew skin cells and improve overall skin health. Priscilla also believes prevention is better than treatment and therefore formulating our skincare to retain elasticity, fight free radical damage and ageing, whilst also helping skin concerns now was an essential part of the development and creation of Bangn Body.

Nikki Cassebohm

Nikki Cassebohm is a holistic mind-body coach who helps women restore their mindset, self-esteem and body image. Nikki has been paralysed by her inner critic and lack of self-belief and she knows it’s a tough place to be. She hid vulnerable parts of herself away, trying to focus on all the self-development methods to overcome her limitations, listening to all the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ approaches, trying to somehow fit in and feel worthy but in the end, she wasn’t showing up for herself anymore.

Nikki knows how defeating it can feel when you have these ambitions to achieve more, but you don’t know how to unleash it. But this doesn’t have to control you anymore! Nikki shows you how to overcome your fears to step into the vision of your Highest Self.

Josephine Zappia

Josephine has been practising homeopathic medicine since 2005. Her current areas of research and interest are mental health, nutrition, detoxification and homeoprophylaxis. Josephine has had an interest in wellbeing from an early age and lives a nutritious and active lifestyle. Her favourite recreational activities are body combat, yoga and trekking through Sydney’s picturesque northern beaches. Her passion is affecting the lives of her patients through achieving wellness with homeopathics that act on a deep constitutional level.

Siobhan Mullins

At 31 years old, Siobhan is a multi-award winning, collaboratively trained family lawyer and bestselling author. Siobhan comes from a big family herself, and knows just how important relationships are. With her experience as a collaboratively trained divorce lawyer, Siobhan shares with you her AMICABLE Method on the practical steps to follow to progress and finalise your divorce, without resorting to court and expensive lawyers. Siobhan’s straightforward, common sense and human-centered approach to helping people GSD (get s**t done) makes for engaging, lively events.

Romina Scarlato

A little piece of Italy on Phillip Island, Pino’s was established in 1991 by owners Pino and Rosa Scarlato. Their passions are family, food and all things Italian!

Inspired by the true Italia. Pino’s Trattoria is a true Italian experience, a celebration and homage to all things Italian. Authentic food made from the heart, gathering with family and friends in a warm welcoming atmosphere, making you feel a part of the family. The Scarlato Family have welcomed many people from all over the world that have travelled to Phillip Island. They are all about the celebration.  Italians love to sit, to share food, drink wine, laugh, share stories and memories with passion! Sadly, they lost Pino in the year of 1999, a shock that swept through the family and his hometown of Cowes, but with the dedication of his wife Rosa, their three children and the support from many family and friends, 30 years on the dream he envisioned is still powering on & with the same passion Pino lived by.

Romina is set to keep the history and legacy of Pino Trattoria’s famous cuisine and culture alive and thriving in her upcoming publication.

Alison Wheeler

Alison Wheeler is a true powerhouse in life and business. She is a multi-disciplined, award-winning performance athlete and celebrated entrepreneur. Having competed in the Olympics in weightlifting, as well as rowing, CrossFit, athletics and bodybuilding, she has won multiple awards for her home country of New Zealand. Ali is a celebrated businesswoman who has won multiple industry awards. Her success as an athlete and entrepreneur is magnetic, and her presence is real, raw and authentic.

Alison’s guidance helps her clients stretch themselves and reach their potential at a pace that sparks motivation and increases satisfaction. Alison is a published author, contributor and mentor. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Health Science, NLP training, and many coaching certificates in a multitude of different practices. She is passionate about helping women find their voice, reconnect with the goddess within, release the shame and guilt resulting from years of suppression and step into their true selves to find their freedom. Alison loves empowering others to find their wisdom, truth, and inner Wonder Woman.

Amie Rule

Inner Work || Outer Living was created on the back of Amie experiencing a lifetime of health issues firsthand, predominantly chronic pain and autoimmune issues. After years and years of trying to search for answers, Amie discovered the impact of trauma to her overall health. She also discovered how factors such as genetics and stress can be a leading cause of physical, mental and emotional pain. As such, Amie created this business which is now a testament that you never need to do it alone.

Due to her personal experiences, Amie has a strong passion for assisting those with chronic pain disorders, autoimmune conditions, health conditions and individuals who experience anxiety, mental health and trauma. Her specialty is not only looking at your physical symptoms but to assess the metaphysical properties underlying to your symptoms. To do this, Amie focuses on providing a combination of natural holistic therapy in conjunction with integrated health, energy work and counselling to heal the whole body.

Jady Roberts

Jady Roberts’ knowledge and passion for homegrown goodness, familial meals and exotic flavour combinations, have resulted in the most versatile resource for budding cooks everywhere who are looking to prioritise both nutrition and sensational taste! Jady is an award-winning culinary and nutrition expert, and the owner of a beautiful accommodation retreat centre The Lake House in the Strathbogie region.

Jady’s 2022 release of Nutritious and Delicious will broaden your culinary horizons in simple yet exciting ways as Jady draws upon her broad gastronomic skills and experience, to emphasise the nutritional value of macro and micronutrients that provide you and your family with optimal health and vitality.

Jady’s simple and sound tips ground us in healthy living principles that encourage us to rethink how we plan, shop, cook and eat. Nutritious and Delicious will bring out the innate cook in each of us.

Natalie Brodie

Natalie Brodie is a multi-talented Australian artist and children’s author. Ignited with creative passion and inspired by nature, people and the beauty of life, Natalie became an accomplished painter, learning from expert teachers and exhibiting her artwork in galleries and online. Natalie was also inspired to write books for children — books with positive messages and fun-filled lessons. Her debut book The Rainy Day lesson is set for release this month.

Rita Barbagallo

Rita Barbagallo ‘The Red Peacock’ wears many hats: a magician, coach, an international guest speaker, author, gourmet chef and Philanthropy Consultant, among other things.

Rita is also the founder, Barbee Barb Children’s Entertainment, established 1991, Barbee Barb Magic School, established 1995 and Barbee Barb Collection, established 2014.

Her upcoming book Magic & Miracles: A Woman’s Journey from Death to Dazzling tells the true story of Rita’s near-death experience and the impact it made in her life. Part memoir and part self-help; Magic & Miracles is set to take the reader on an transformational journey and inspire them to live their best life. This highly-acclaimed book is also being produced into a movie. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Luiza Struska

Luiza Struska is the Principal Solicitor at ConnectLaw in Gisborne. She is skilled in Property Law and Conveyancing, Commercial Law, Wills and Estate Planning, Deceased Estates and Migration Law.  Her 2022 release Conveyancing Made Easy, keeps buying and selling property easy, she helps people navigate the property market and avoid legal issues.

Luiza has a Postgraduate LLM (Applied Law) majoring in Commercial Transactions and Wills & Estates at the College of Law and is the perfect person to trust in all legal matters related to your property.

Lauren Lowe

Business leader and Future Fitouts co-founder, Lauren Lowe, believes that with the right people, environment and systems, anything is possible. Lauren was a winner in the 2018 Westpac Top 200 Businesses of Tomorrow awards and a finalist in the 2019 Telstra Business Women’s Awards, 2018 Telstra Business Awards, and 2018 Lord Mayor Business Awards. With a Bachelor of Urban Development (Property Economics), Entrepreneurship, and Project Management and a wealth of experience in property development and construction under her belt, Lauren’s expertise is unparalleled when it comes to refurbishing commercial spaces.

Her soon-to-be released book The Future of Business  shows you how to transform your shabby office into a state-of-the-art and productive workspace. It is packed full of tips about how to create a positive workplace culture, from the top down.

Lauren gives you a masterclass in simple DIY and design tricks to total revamps, and practical ways to boost team morale and staff retention rates.

Gillian Gorrie

Gillian Gorrie is a life coach, Master practitioner in NLP and Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapist, teacher, and artist. Her book Who’s Driving Your Bus is primed for release next month and is set to help you transform your life and make quality decisions about your future. Gillian’s personal experience in overcoming depression and anxiety, and her decades of experience counselling and coaching others, shines through in her debut non-fiction. She carefully helps the reader navigate through life’s myriad of changes and encourages them to take positive steps forward, no matter how small.

Gillian is the founder of Life Circle Solutions, a solutions-based company for personal growth.

Dania Younes

Dania is our youngest Dean Publishing author, published at an enviable 13 years of age. The youngest daughter of fellow Dean Publishing authors Sarifa and Hassan Younes, Dania is a talented fiction writer with a penchant for fantasy fiction. Hold onto your seats and watch this space as Dania is going to set the YA fiction scene on fire with her debut release this year.

Susie Raso

Susie Raso is passionate about helping people succeed and get the most out of their business. With extensive dental and hospitality experience, she is a solution-focused, pro-active trainer and coach.. Meeting new people and forging real relationships is a passion of hers; she prides herself on being professional and creating lasting results. When it comes to the dental industry she is the queen of building a high-performance dental team and knows what it takes to run a smooth, happy and problem-free clinic.

Her book 11 Trade Secrets to Developing a High-Performance Dental Team will have dental practices running more effectively than ever before with happy customers and happy workers. Susie Raso is a highly-experienced dental manager with an excellent track record for creating winning teams.

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