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Delight Disrupt Deliver - Milton Collins

“Business is all about people. People are at the core of everything. They make or break your business. Delight. Disrupt. Deliver: Grow Your Business Using the Power of Small Surprises is built around this core principle and gives people practical ways to disrupt their industry and over-deliver in wonderful and surprising ways.”

Brad Sugars, Founder and CEO of ActionCOACH®

Most business owners and entrepreneurs want the same thing — a thriving, successful and happy business that generates profits and offers a fabulous lifestyle. To make this happen, many believe they need to have big budgets, big marketing campaigns and big teams. But they’re wrong!

Serial business owner and coach Milton Collins has built thriving, successful businesses using the power of small surprises. His unique approach involves maximising extreme customer service with the unique surprise experience. His business strategies have seen him reinvent and create iconic businesses in Australia, and coach other business owners to do the same.

Milton shares his expertise from over 40 years in business and guides you step-by-step so that any-sized business can DELIGHT, DISRUPT and DELIVER.

In his book you will learn how to:

  • DELIGHT your clients each and every time. DELIGHT your team each and every day.
  • DISRUPT your competitors without blowing your budget. DISRUPT your industry with one simple tactic.
  • DELIVER impeccable service every time. DELIVER results time and time again!

Milton’s easy-to-implement methods will DELIVER you RESULTS and PROFITS beyond your wildest dreams. Whether you’re a community-based business or an established international firm – this book is for you.

Milton Collins is the principal of The Action Business Coach, a qualified Accountant and an award-winning business owner. He has appeared in magazines and TV for his business expertise and knowledge. He was also named as one of Australia’s Best Business Coaches.


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