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Fire Your Boss - Hemi Hossain

Do you want to FIRE YOUR BOSS? Do you want more time, money and freedom? Have you been thinking about starting your own business but feel too scared to take the leap? Want to go from employee to entrepreneur? Well you can! With the right mindset, strategies and skills you can transform your career, your life and your income. Fire Your Boss will help you:

  • Develop the right mindset for success
  • Utilise tried-and-tested strategies to move out of your day job and into the career of your dreams
  • Start your journey as a Digital Entrepreneur
  • Make money from day one
  • Have more time, freedom and joy
  • Grow your business and make a difference at the same time

It’s time to begin your new life and never look back. Let Hemi show you how. Hemi Hossain is a leading success coach for entrepreneurs and startups. Hemi began his journey of success against the odds and built his new life on nothing but a dream and lots of willpower. Overcoming a multitude of challenges and utilising the right knowledge and know-how, Hemi successfully transitioned his career from employee to an entrepreneur and grew a thriving and abundant business. Hemi is an author, internationally acclaimed speaker and leading business coach. He has changed the lives of over a million people from over 100 industries. He is the winner of the prestigious “Best Business Award 2018” in Melbourne’s Small Business Victoria and the “Arthakantha Business Awards 2017” in Bangladesh. Hemi is passionate about helping others succeed and grow.

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