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Ignite Your Spark - Rebeccah Statham

Imagine… if you woke up every morning with an unwavering bold vision for your life Imagine… if you discovered your purpose and understood what ignited “Your Spark” Imagine…you no longer felt trapped in a life that didn’t excite you Imagine… if you could take unapologetic action towards your dreams without letting fear stop you Imagine… If anything was possible. Because it is. Ignite Your Spark is for every woman, whether you have lost your spark or feel desperate to find it. Ignite Your Spark is the soulful shortcut to discovering your life purpose and living your life authentically, unashamedly and boldly — as you. If you have always given everything to others and now feel determined to find out who you really are and what you really stand for. If you’re sick and tired of feeling trapped, uninspired or have let fear hold you back in the past, then this book is for you. Ignite Your Spark will show you how to:

  • Imagine what’s possible and create a bold vision for your life
  • Uncover your purpose and discover your zone of genius
  • Stop letting fear hold you back from what you want
  • No longer be defined by your stories, limiting beliefs and circumstances
  • Take unapologetic action towards your dreams no matter what!

Because when you Ignite Your Spark, you allow others to ignite theirs too. Is it time to Ignite Your Spark?

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