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The Conscious Leader - Catherine Molloy

Conscious Leadership: The New Frontier

There is a new leader emerging. A leader that the world desperately needs. A leader that is emotionally intelligent, accountable and resilient. A leader that the world looks to for support during crises and beyond — a conscious leader.

Award-winning author, communication expert, and international speaker Catherine Molloy explores the new emergence of The Conscious Leader. She ignites awareness and encourages people to embrace and develop their unique leadership style.

The Conscious Leader will help you:

  • Make daily choices based on your values and morals
  • Learn your unique Leadership style and consciously develop it
  • Discover your level of emotional intelligence and how to use it
  • Lead during difficult times
  • Develop your capacity to be a global and inclusive leader
  • Enhance your language for leadership
  • Create a future vision and lead others with purpose and integrity
  • Leave a legacy

A must-read for any emerging leader, entrepreneur and business executive.

Includes exclusive access to interactive training including videos, audios, worksheets and quizzes.

Includes 6 bonus interviews with leading changemakers: Dr. Madhav Sathe, Masami Sato, Peter Baines, Meredith Hellicar, Elaine Jobson and René Deceuninck.

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