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With a strained healthcare system, worker burnout, emergency overload and winter sickness, it seems that there’s little choice than to become more active in maintaining and optimising one’s own health. In fact, research shows that person-centered care has better health outcomes and less economic burden.

Sure, we will always need and want top healthcare practitioners, but it doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t get more involved in optimising our own wellbeing. The bottom line is, we must!

True health isn’t an exercise fad or new diet – it’s a holistic and lifelong journey. Gandhi said, “It is health that is real wealth” and Dean Publishing’s latest book is all about this message.

The new release YSHIFT book – Thriving: Health is Your Greatest Wealth – includes chapters from 13 authors who have taken good health into their own hands. The authors share personal stories and reveal how they changed their habits and attitudes towards nutrition, ageing and mindset in to order maximise their life.

Health and lifestyle strategies from real people with real solutions

Thriving  is designed to supercharge your health and wellbeing with tried-and-tested lifestyle strategies from real people with real solutions. The YSHIFT authors are a diverse group of alternative voices who have come together to share their perspectives on health. Some have overcome significant health issues – strokes, depression, poor nutrition, mental health struggles and difficulties with ageing – and now share their stories to inspire and motivate others.

In our current environment, we’re more desperate than ever to maintain our health and boost our immunity. Thriving: Health is Your Greatest Wealth gives 13 different perspectives about how to stay healthy and live better. Authors include:

Don Tolman
World-renowned ‘Real Food Medicine Man’ Don Tolman talks about how food impacts our health – prioritising wholefoods and knowing what nourishes your body and health has a profound impact. His fundamental wisdom is to seek your own truth, research and choose the path that is reasonable, logical and right for you and your health.

“The impact food has on our health is profound. It gives us energy, it sustains us, and it heals us.” – Don Tolman

Fred Liberatore
Personal trainer and fitness coach Fred Liberatore’s fitness motto is “sweat, swear, smile” – and he lives by it and coaches others through it. Fred’s commitment to testing fitness techniques has empowered truly incredible results for him and hundreds of his clients.

“Every client I work with knows they will receive more than just personal training. It’s not simply physical training, we also train the mind to go beyond its former limitations.” – Fred Liberatore

Erika Cramer
Queen of Confidence Erika Cramer shows us that harnessing inner health and true confidence gives you power. Erika turned her life around from hopelessness and pain to passion, growth and success after going on her own powerful journey of personal healing.

“When you create your confidence – and I mean, true confidence – you enter a space where you retain a hundred percent of the power to choose how you feel, what you believe and how you want to experience your life.” – Erika Cramer

Anna von Zinner
Author Anna von Zinner pushed through stroke recovery and now educates about why we need human connection, including workplace connections and support. Anna decided she would no longer follow the crowd and brought forward her true gifts and ability to see the world in a way that wasn’t always obvious to others.

“We all need connection. It is the human condition. We love to feel accepted and valued and appreciated.” – Anna von Zinner

Jayne Craig
Spiritual coach, Jayne Craig inspires with her story of overcoming depression and divorce to realise you’re your own soulmate. Jayne is known as a wellness witch – her work fuses practical skills and holistic health knowledge with ritual and spiritual coaching.

“For a while, I thought I would die. Instead, I now find myself living in perhaps the most exciting, magical and creative phase of my life.” – Jayne Craig

Mark Collins
Warrior dad and founder of YOUschool, Mark Collins shares his knowledge about the effect of mindful living on health, after learning about holistic healing and alternative medicine for both his son’s epilepsy and his own health struggles. Mark’s lived experience has helped him give children the best opportunities to enjoy happy, loving and joyful lives through to adulthood.

“I’m a regular guy who has gone down some irregular paths to give his extraordinary son every chance at a regular life – how miraculous regular would be.” – Mark Collins

Julide Turker
Julide Turker, ‘The Muslim Naturopath’, preaches that prevention is better than cure; she knows that setting foundations of optimal mental, physical and spiritual wellness, including through nutrition, is the key to health. Julide employs a holistic approach when it comes to treatment.

“As long as man disconnects the importance of his environment and spiritual self from his physical self, the linear method will never breed health and wellness in its entirety.” – Julide Turker

Fur Wale
Doctor of Medicine and public speaker Fur Wale shows us how to overcome the predicted disability of an autoimmune disease and live life to its fullest potential. Her vision is to enable women to transform the conversations of our culture because what we say or do not say will affect the wellbeing of generations to come.

“We can chase an artificial image of wellness, instead of actually living it. imagine who you could be if you knew exactly what to do to possess wellness.” – Fur Wale

Marcus Pearce
Marcus Pearce, author of Your Exceptional Life and host of podcast ‘100 Not Out: Mastering the Art of Ageing Well’ has learned that health and longevity are the keys to life, so creating your exceptional life is possible through approaching health, nutrition, exercise and ageing differently. Marcus created the Your Exceptional Life Blueprint framework in 2014.

“Countless nights were spent pondering the research, and eventually it struck me that no matter your genes, upbringing, race, religion, culture, financial status or diet, there was a pattern – a blueprint – for being truly exceptional in each area of life and not just one.” – Marcus Pearce

Myrna Manalili
Lifestyle advocate and mother, Myrna Manalili, found herself struggling in workplaces as she got older; she learned that you can take control of your health through lifestyle changes and awareness of risk factors.

“Amid all our wanting to live life to its fullest, a piece of the puzzle is often missing: a lack of attention to our health, stemming from an ignorance toward the risk factors of the food we eat and our lifestyle habits.” – Myrna Manalili

Tanya Leyson
Health coach and hypnotherapist Tanya Leyson shares her knowledge about having an appetite for healthy living, a mind and body approach, and what it means to be truly healthy. With over 15 years’ experience under her belt, Tanya has put her appetite for healthy living to good use.

“We each have the autonomy to make lifelong and lasting changes that benefit our health by simply taking small, positive steps toward better habits and behaviour.” – Tanya Leyson

Monique Sarup
Mindset coach Monique Sarup helps young women to find their spot in life, to reach their greatest potential and mental health and happiness. Monique assists her clients to realise their full potential through goal exploration and works with them in mapping out practical steps to reach targets.

“You don’t have to be struggling with mental health to work on it. Skills around healing and managing trauma are of benefit to everyone.” — Monique Sarup

Robert Hall
Robert Hall had a fall as a jockey and has spent the years since in hospital; he focuses on post-traumatic growth rather than PTSD and shares his knowledge that support systems and opening up are what get you through trauma.

“There is help out there. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. There are many people, programs and treatment options available that you can engage with and lean on. There is no point suffering alone.” – Rob Hall

Thriving’s invaluable knowledge
Whatever your health concerns, Thriving: Health is Your Greatest Wealth will give you invaluable knowledge to take control of your health. It’s time to put yourself and your health first, and this book can help you create the healthy habits you need to get there.

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