Who to Watch in 2023 – Active Authors and Fresh Faces

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Who to Watch in 2023 – Active Authors and Fresh Faces

2022 was a massive year for Dean Publishing and our authors, and 2023 is shaping up to be even bigger, which is difficult to imagine – but it’s true. Not only do we have some awesome books ready to launch, but we’ve also got several amazing, new authors jumping onboard to begin their publishing journey.

We’ve compiled a list of authors – new and old – to watch in 2023 to keep everyone in the loop and highlight the excitement that’s coming our way in the new year.

Books Launching in Early 2023

We’re hitting the ground running in 2023, with several launches planned for the beginning of the year and many more books undergoing their finishing touches before going to print.

From stunning cookbooks to transformative self-help guides, our selection of upcoming titles is as diverse as ever. There really is something for everyone.

Clare Wood

Clare is a former accountant turned money mentor, but she’s not your typical bean counter.

Intentional Profit: Master Your Money and Mindset for a Wildly Wealthy Business teaches you how to create a positive mindset around money and generate long-term profit in your business. Intentional Profit is scheduled to launch in February 2023. What a great way to start the year!


Naomi Crisante

Naomi is a writer, educator, stylist, and TV chef with a passion for good taste.

Tasteful: Flavoursome Food to Share with Style at Your Table is a cookbook designed to unleash the creative cook within you. Start prepping the kitchen now because Tasteful is set to launch in April 2023.


Orion Kelly

Orion is an autistic advocate, keynote speaker, actor, YouTuber, podcaster, radio broadcaster – the list goes on!

Autism Feels… An Earthling’s Guide busts outdated myths and misconceptions about autism and builds understanding around how it truly feels to be autistic. Autism Feels… is set for an April 2023 launch.


Josephine Zappia

Josephine is a renowned homeopath with years of experience helping people heal.

Heal. By Josephine is a journey into the world of homeopathy, featuring products, remedies, and concepts that awaken the mind, body, spirit, and soul. Heal. is off to print in January 2023, with a launch announcement pending.


Gillian Gorrie

Gillian is a stress management specialist, master NLP practitioner, teacher, life coach, and counsellor.

Who’s Driving Your Bus?: Discover Your Flow, Recharge, and Live Your Best Life! helps you reclaim your confidence, improve your communication skills, and uncover the psychological blocks that are holding you back. Who’s Driving Your Bus? is off to print in January 2023, with a launch date yet to be announced.


Aaron Smith

Aaron is the founder of global fitness franchise KX Pilates.

Define Yourself: When Passion, Purpose and Business Collide shows how a simple idea can become a huge success if you’re willing to sweat to make it happen. Define Yourself is off to print in January 2023, with a launch announcement pending.


Liv Glen

Liv is fascinated with the magic of the kitchen and loves creating wholesome recipes that also taste amazing.

Balance with Liv is a cookbook that covers everything from breakfast to dessert, providing balanced recipes that feed the body and insights that feed the mind. Balance with Liv is off to print in January 2023, with a launch date yet to be announced.


Dani Smith

Dani is a certified Wim Hof instructor, XPT performance breath coach, personal trainer, remedial massage therapist, and author of The Sparkle Kids and the Sugar Troll.

To complement her book, Dani has designed a stunning set of Sparkle Cards to help teach kids important life lessons. The Sparkle Cards are off to print in January 2023, with a launch announcement pending.



Amanda Thompson

Amanda is a financial advisor, keynote speaker, and world championship qualified triathlete.

Financially Fit Women: How to Be Your Own CFO – Confident, Focused and On Top of Your Money empowers you to define your goals, use financial freedom to achieve them, and live the life you desire. Financially Fit Women is off to print in February 2023, with no confirmed launch date just yet.



Coming Soon…

Throughout the year, we regularly have a range of books that are at varying stages of production. While this next group of authors isn’t running off to the printers just yet, we should definitely watch them closely as the year unfolds. Some of these books are well on track for a 2023 launch.

Julide Turker

Julide is a naturopathy coach who believes that prevention is better than the cure.

One Third of Your Stomach: The Food and Lifestyle Philosophy That Draws You Closer to God acknowledges the mind, body, and spirit connection and describes how our food choices affect our entire being.


Jim Cocks

Jim is a former mindset coach who now coaches coaches to grow their businesses.

In his yet to be titled book, he shares his Level Up Formula for scaling a coaching business, gaining financial freedom, and creating a greater impact in the world.


Priscilla Hajiantoni

Priscilla is an entrepreneur and founder of celebrated skincare brand Bangn Body.

Her exciting new book details her own skin troubles and details what drove her to create her own products and start a successful skincare brand. Priscilla is sharing every critical lesson she learned along the way and helping others create a business of their dreams.


Nikki Cassa

Nikki is a mindset coach and podcast host.

In her book, The Conscious Woman: Own Your Thinking, Cultivate Inner Transformation and Change Your Life, she guides you to master your mindset, form healthy habits, and facilitate big transformations.


Amie Rule

Amie is a chronic pain, body empowerment, and energy coach.

In Breaking the Rules of Pain: Discover the Root Cause of Chronic Pain So You Can Flourish and Grow, she discusses her healing journey and helps you identify the source of your own pain so you can live a happy and fulfilling life.


Susan Dean

Susan is the founder of Dean Publishing.

In her book, tentatively titled Dominate Your Industry, she explains how to use the DEANS formula and the power of story to build a formidable business and, naturally, dominate your industry.

Susan has been working hard on her book, and we’re cautiously optimistic that it will be ready for a 2023 launch.


Kat John

Kat is an authenticity coach, keynote speaker, podcast host, and creator of the ZEROFKS movement.

In Deep Down, she discusses her personal journey to find her deep down truth and then guides you to start listening to yours.


Emily Osmond

Emily is a marketing mentor and professional speaker.

In her book, she explains how to build a thriving business that brings you both fulfilment and wealth. It’s a lifestyle business book with a marketing edge you won’t want to miss.


Esther Zeledon

Esther is a former international diplomat turned business and life coach.

Esther guides individuals and corporations to align with purpose, create impact, and leave a legacy in the world. She’s incredibly life-changing.


Hanan Al-Mutawa

Hanan is an education specialist, holding a PhD in the subject.

Currently, her book is in the early stages of development – so stay tuned!

Jesse Freeman

Jesse is a content creator, former competitive eater, and burger enthusiast.

In The Food Coma Cookbook, he presents several mind-blowing burger recipes, each delivered with a side serving of entertaining anecdotes in his unapologetically Australian style.


Josh Ngoma

Josh is a mining engineer and founder of Enterprising Africa Regional Network Proprietary Limited (EARN).

His book is still in the early stages of production – so stay tuned for further news!


Mike Kellett

Mike is the founder of supplement and clean treats company, Macro Mike.

In his book, he gives an honest – and often entertaining – account of what it’s really like to start and scale a business, explaining how to bootstrap a startup and guide it to success.


Ray Pang SH

Ray is an entrepreneur and founder of several successful companies.

In his book, he shares how he went from being made redundant and facing financial devastation to becoming a seven-figure entrepreneur, and he explains how you can do it too.


Romina Scarlato

Romina runs Pino’s Trattoria’s, a family-owned Italian restaurant on Phillip Island.

Through her book, she aims to keep the history and legacy of Pino’s Trattoria’s famous cuisine and culture alive.


A Big Welcome to Our New Authors for 2023!

Finally, we want to welcome several new authors who have joined the Dean Publishing family ready for 2023. Each of these outstanding people has troves of invaluable knowledge and wisdom to share, and we know their books are going to change lives and create a serious impact in the world.

Jenson Mak

Jenson is a consultant physician, geriatrician, and rehabilitation physician with a penchant for running. We look forward to seeing how he brings all his knowledge and experience together in his book.


Martin Karafilis

Martin is an entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful startups and developed some of the world’s most innovative products. We look forward to him sharing his knowledge and business philosophy on the pages of his new book.


Nadine Muller

Nadine is a life coach and business mentor. We can’t wait to see how her book transforms people’s lives for the better.


Shane Kelton

Shane is a personal trainer, podcaster, and mental health advocate. We know his book is going to create a positive impact, and we can’t wait to see it happen.


Who Else Will Join the Dean Publishing Family in 2023?

All of our authors have amazing stories to tell and invaluable knowledge to share forward. We’re eager to help them bring their books to life in 2023 and achieve their loftiest dreams, whatever they may be.

2023 is already shaping up to be a busy year, and we expect to be welcoming many more amazing authors to our publishing family as the year progresses.

Everyone has a story to tell, and we can’t wait to help our authors tell theirs.

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